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“My fiance just proposed this week and gave me this incredible diamond ring. I knew I wanted a lab-grown diamond over a normal earth diamond because it would save us so much money. My Mom can’t believe how much it looks like her earth diamond ring from my Dad. My fiance was able to get me a 2 carat ring and we never could have afforded that without The Diamond Destination.”

Julia W.

“I proposed to my girlfriend with this 2 ct oval engagement ring…and she was blown away! The diamond is way bigger than I could’ve afforded through another store and it’s really nice looking. I love that it included the appraisal paper and a report from the IGI proving that it’s a real diamond with all of it’s qualities. She is really proud to wear it and appreciates that I saved so much money but still got her a huge ring! I’ve recommended this website to so many of my buddies now too. Thanks!”

Ryan M.

“Holy Cow! This was a great deal. I bought this ring for my girlfriend and was a little scared buying online but the ring is awesome and it has a paper with it that shows you all of the details of the ring like its color, clarity and all of that. If you are getting engaged, don’t go to Shane Co or any of those places bc you will spend so much more than you need to for the same ring.”

Carter M.