The Perfect Proposal – Pear Cut Solitaire

Discover the beauty of our Pear Cut Lab Grown Diamond Ring. It features a stunning 2-carat minimum lab-grown diamond. Each diamond boasts a superior H color and VS2 clarity for unmatched sparkle and clarity. The IGI certifies our diamonds, ensuring their high quality and authenticity.

The ring’s solitaire setting enhances the pear cut’s unique appeal, merging elegance with affordability. It’s precision-crafted to symbolize enduring love and commitment. This makes it a perfect choice for those who value style and quality on a budget.

Giving this Pear Cut Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring will create a joyful moment and promise a loving future. Our customer service team is here to help you find the ideal ring. We aim to celebrate your commitment within your budget, offering personalized service.

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Elevate Your Proposal: The Exquisite Pear Cut Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring


 A Fusion of Unparalleled Elegance and Ethical Luxury

Step into a world where elegance meets ethical luxury with our Pear Cut Lab Grown Diamond Ring. This masterpiece, featuring a breathtaking 2-carat minimum lab-grown diamond, is designed to captivate and charm. Each diamond is meticulously selected for its superior H color and VS2 clarity, ensuring a sparkle and clarity that’s truly unmatched. Certified by the IGI, our diamonds promise high quality and authenticity, making this ring a beacon of trust and love.

 Key Highlights of Our Engagement Ring:

  • Stunning Pear Cut Diamond: The centerpiece of this ring is a lab-grown diamond that combines the brilliance of a round cut with the unique teardrop shape of a pear cut, offering a dazzling display of light and beauty.
  • IGI Certification – A Mark of Quality: With the assurance of IGI certification, each diamond stands as a testament to quality and authenticity, ensuring that your symbol of love is nothing short of perfect.
  • Solitaire Setting for Timeless Elegance: The ring’s solitaire setting not only highlights the pear cut’s unique appeal but also merges elegance with affordability, making it an ideal choice for those who seek style without compromise.
  • Symbol of Enduring Love and Commitment: Precision-crafted to symbolize your unending love and commitment, this ring is more than just jewelry; it’s a promise of a loving future, making it the perfect choice for your proposal.

 Why Our Pear Cut Lab Grown Diamond Ring Stands Out?

  • Celebrate Love with Style and Quality: This ring is for those who value not just the moment of engagement but the promise of a future filled with joy and love, all while adhering to a budget that respects both style and quality.
  • Personalized Service to Find Your Perfect Match: Understanding that choosing the right engagement ring is a journey, our dedicated customer service team is here to guide you, ensuring that your selection not only celebrates your commitment but also fits within your financial plan.
  • A Joyful Moment Promised: Giving this Pear Cut Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring is not just about the moment of proposal; it’s about promising a future filled with love and happiness, making it an unforgettable symbol of your journey together.


 Craft Your Unforgettable Proposal Moment

Your search for the perfect engagement ring ends with our Pear Cut Lab Grown Diamond Ring. This ring isn’t just an expression of your love; it’s a commitment to a future filled with happiness, style, and ethical choices. Reach out to us today to explore how this exquisite piece can mark the beginning of your forever, ensuring your proposal is as unique and beautiful as your love story.

Embrace the moment when your hearts unite. Choose our Pear Cut Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring and promise a future as bright and beautiful as the diamond that symbolizes your love.

Total Carat Weight

2 Carats, 3 Carats, 4 Carats


White Gold, Yellow Gold

Ring Size

3 (14.0mm), 3.5 (14.4mm), 4 (14.8mm), 4.5 (15.2mm), 5 (15.6mm), 5.5 (16.0mm), 6 (16.45mm), 6.5 (16.9mm), 7 (17.3mm), 7.5 (17.7mm), 8 (18.2mm), 8.5 (18.6mm), 9 (19.0mm), 9.5 (19.4mm), 10 (19.8mm), 10.5 (20.2mm), 11 (20.6mm), 11.5 (21.0mm), 12 (21.4mm), 12.5 (21.8mm), 13 (22.2mm), 13.5 (22.6mm)

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Shane Co: 2ct (VS2, G), 14k white gold, cushion cut solitaire: retail – $4,770

Helzberg: 2ct (VS2, I), 14k white gold, emerald cut solitaire: retail – $4,499

Zales: 2ct (VS2, F), 14k white gold, princess cut solitaire: retail – $6,299

View a 3D preview of this stunning setting in 14k white gold featuring a gorgeous 3 carat lab-grown diamond:


3 reviews for The Perfect Proposal - Pear Cut Solitaire

  1. Tommy D.

    Really nice quality. I felt proud proposing with this ring.

  2. Robyn P.

    This pear-shaped 3 ct ring is simply stunning. When I saw the “dare to compare” prices, I was blown away and a little skeptical but when my boyfriend received it in the mail (and eventually proposed) it was just so nice. I love that you receive the IGI report with it. You know exactly what you are getting is certified and your investment is protected.

  3. Jarret M.

    Guys – don’t even think about going to one of the big name jewelers like Jared, Shane Co or Helzberg. They are going to over-charge you big-time. These diamonds are the same ones they are selling at these stores and I checked all of them…you’ll save a bunch of money and get the same thing here.

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