The Perfect Proposal – Cushion Cut Solitaire

Our Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings, symbolize love and commitment at great value. These rings, set in white or yellow gold, blend timeless elegance with affordability. Each features a stunning 2-carat minimum cushion cut diamond, chosen for its H color and VS2 clarity, ensuring brilliance and clarity. Certified by the IGI, this certification confirms the diamond’s quality, giving you confidence in your choice. The classic solitaire setting highlights the diamond’s splendor, making this ring a sophisticated yet budget-friendly option for your engagement. Crafted with care, it represents your devotion. Choose this ring for a memorable proposal that combines style with sustainability. For help selecting your ideal ring, our customer service team is ready to assist.

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 Seal Your Love with Elegance: The Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

 A Symbol of Commitment That Marries Affordability with Timeless Beauty

Embrace love’s journey with our Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings. Symbolizing deep affection and commitment, these rings offer timeless elegance without the high cost. Choose from classic white gold or warm yellow gold. Each ring blends style and sustainability, ideal for your proposal.

 Discover the Features That Make Our Rings Special:

  •  Exquisite Cushion Cut Diamonds: At the heart of each ring is a breathtaking 2-carat minimum cushion cut diamond. Known for its soft edges and brilliant facets, it ensures a sparkle that mirrors the light of your love.
  • Unmatched Brilliance and Clarity: Selected for their superior H color and VS2 clarity, these diamonds offer a clarity and brilliance that’s truly unparalleled, ensuring your ring shines as brightly as your future together.
  • Certified Quality You Can Trust: With IGI certification, each diamond’s quality is confirmed, giving you the confidence and peace of mind that you’re making a choice that’s not only beautiful but also responsible.
  • Sophisticated Solitaire Setting: The classic solitaire setting puts the spotlight on the cushion cut diamond’s splendor, offering a sophisticated yet budget-friendly option for your engagement.


 Why Our Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond Ring?

  •  Symbolize Your Love with Confidence: This ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it’s a representation of your devotion and commitment. Crafted with care, it stands as a testament to a love that’s both enduring and ethically conscious.
  • A Memorable Proposal Awaits: Choose this ring for a proposal that combines style with sustainability. It’s designed for those who seek to make a memorable statement of love, one that’s as unique and precious as the bond you share.
  • Personalized Assistance on Your Journey: Our dedicated customer service team is here to guide you through selecting the perfect ring. We understand the importance of this decision and are committed to helping you find a ring that embodies your love and values.


 Craft the Perfect Moment with Confidence

Your proposal is unique, and it needs a special ring. Choose our Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings for a future of love, beauty, and ethical elegance. Contact us today to make your engagement unforgettable with a ring that mirrors your journey.

Embrace a future where a cushion cut diamond symbolizes your love. Let your proposal reflect your commitment to each other and the world.

Carat Size

2 Carats, 3 Carats, 4 Carats


White Gold, Yellow Gold

Ring Size

3 (14.0mm), 3.5 (14.4mm), 4 (14.8mm), 4.5 (15.2mm), 5 (15.6mm), 5.5 (16.0mm), 6 (16.45mm), 6.5 (16.9mm), 7 (17.3mm), 7.5 (17.7mm), 8 (18.2mm), 8.5 (18.6mm), 9 (19.0mm), 9.5 (19.4mm), 10 (19.8mm), 10.5 (20.2mm), 11 (20.6mm), 11.5 (21.0mm), 12 (21.4mm), 12.5 (21.8mm), 13 (22.2mm), 13.5 (22.6mm)

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Shane Co: 2ct (VS2, G), 14k white gold, cushion cut solitaire: retail – $4,770

Helzberg: 2ct (VS2, I), 14k white gold, emerald cut solitaire: retail – $4,499

Zales: 2ct (VS2, F), 14k white gold, princess cut solitaire: retail – $6,299

View a 3D preview of this stunning setting in 14k white gold featuring a gorgeous 3 carat lab-grown diamond:


5 reviews for The Perfect Proposal - Cushion Cut Solitaire

  1. Julia W.

    My fiance just proposed this week and gave me this incredible diamond ring. I knew I wanted a lab-grown diamond over a normal earth diamond because it would save us so much money. My Mom can’t believe how much it looks like her earth diamond ring from my Dad. My fiance was able to get me a 2 carat ring and we never could have afforded that without The Diamond Destination.

  2. Preston D.

    Let me start by saying this ring is amazing. I love the cut, the color and all of that. The ONLY downside of buying online is the sizing. When the ring arrived, it didn’t fit my girlfriend’s finger and we had to work with The Diamond Destination getting a new size. They were super easy to work with and we had a new, correctly sized ring very quickly. They even have a full re-sizing policy which made it easy. Be sure to go to a local jewelry shop or buy a cheap ring sizer on amazon before you order.

  3. Jacob D.

    My fiance loved this ring. She was so happy with it. I save a ton of money too…which makes it ever better!!!

  4. Ryanne P

    For me, lab-grown diamonds are the future. They are real, actual diamonds but they aren’t mined from the earth by slaves in third world countries. I don’t understand why anyone would buy an earth-mined diamond now that lab-grown gives you the exact same thing…and at a fraction of the cost. I couldn’t be more happy with my ring from my partner and I’m proud to wear after researching the industry a little more.

  5. Steven S.

    Really nice ring. Price is lower than other online retailers probably because the other companies spend more money on marketing or something. I saved a couple thousand dollars over my local jewelry shop.

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