The Perfect Proposal – Oval Cut Solitaire

Introducing our Budget-Friendly Lab-Grown Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring, a symbol of love and commitment at an exceptional value. Crafted with elegance and charm, this ring is designed to create an unforgettable engagement moment. Available in white or yellow gold, it combines timeless beauty with affordability.

At its heart shines a dazzling lab-grown diamond, weighing a minimum of 2 carats. With H color grade or better and VS2 clarity or better, it sparkles with captivating brilliance. Accompanied by an IGI certification, this diamond ensures authenticity and quality. The solitaire setting showcases its beauty, making it a perfect choice for a budget-friendly engagement ring that captures hearts without compromise.

Embrace the enchantment of our budget-friendly lab-grown diamond solitaire engagement ring, where love and affordability meet. Celebrate your commitment with a ring that reflects your devotion and brings joy to your special moment.

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Item Details

Introducing the perfect symbol of love and commitment at an exceptional value, our Budget-Friendly Lab-Grown Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring. Meticulously crafted to exude elegance and charm, this exquisite ring is specifically designed to make your engagement moment truly unforgettable. Available in your choice of radiant white or yellow gold, it combines timeless beauty with affordability.

At the heart of this captivating piece lies a dazzling lab grown diamond ring, meticulously selected to meet your highest expectations. With a minimum weight of 2 carats, it radiates brilliance and grandeur, commanding attention from all who behold it. The diamond boasts a remarkable H color grade or better, ensuring a captivating sparkle that will leave your loved one speechless. Its VS2 clarity or better guarantees exceptional transparency, with no visible inclusions to detract from its brilliance.

Rest assured, the diamond in this engagement ring is accompanied by an IGI (International Gemological Institute) certification. This prestigious certification guarantees the diamond’s authenticity, quality, and origin, providing you with confidence and peace of mind. It confirms the diamond’s remarkable color, clarity, and overall excellence, ensuring that your chosen ring is nothing short of perfection.

The solitaire setting elegantly showcases the diamond’s beauty, allowing it to take center stage and radiate its magnificence. With its timeless design, this ring seamlessly blends sophistication with affordability, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an engagement ring that captures hearts without breaking the bank. Crafted with attention to detail and the utmost care, this ring is a true testament to your love and devotion.

Embrace the enchantment of a budget-friendly lab-grown diamond solitaire engagement ring that doesn’t compromise on style or quality. Witness the joy and excitement in your partner’s eyes as they say “yes” to a lifetime of love and happiness. Celebrate this precious milestone with a ring that reflects your commitment while respecting your budget.

Please note that specific diamond sizes and certifications may vary. For more information and personalized assistance in selecting the perfect ring for your engagement, please reach out to our dedicated customer service team.

Total Carat Weight

2 Carats, 3 Carats, 4 Carats


White Gold, Yellow Gold

Ring Size

3 (14.0mm), 3.5 (14.4mm), 4 (14.8mm), 4.5 (15.2mm), 5 (15.6mm), 5.5 (16.0mm), 6 (16.45mm), 6.5 (16.9mm), 7 (17.3mm), 7.5 (17.7mm), 8 (18.2mm), 8.5 (18.6mm), 9 (19.0mm), 9.5 (19.4mm), 10 (19.8mm), 10.5 (20.2mm), 11 (20.6mm), 11.5 (21.0mm), 12 (21.4mm), 12.5 (21.8mm), 13 (22.2mm), 13.5 (22.6mm)

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Shane Co: 2ct (VS2, G), 14k white gold, cushion cut solitaire: retail – $4,850

Helzberg: 2ct (VS2, I), 14k white gold, emerald cut solitaire: retail – $4,499

Zales: 2ct (VS2, F), 14k white gold, princess cut solitaire: retail – $8,999

View a 3D preview of this stunning setting in 14k white gold featuring a gorgeous 3 carat lab-grown diamond:


5 reviews for The Perfect Proposal - Oval Cut Solitaire

  1. Sergio R.

    I have a friend that owns a jewelry store in Chicago and she wasn’t able to match the price of The Diamond Destination. She looked it over and after I received my engagement ring, she told me this was a great deal. I’m proposing next month to my girlfriend in Hawaii and she is going to go crazy when she sees how big this diamond is. I’m so excited!

  2. Tonya R.

    Really good quality ring. Lab grown is the way to go, ladies!

  3. Carter M.

    Holy Cow! This was a great deal. I bought this ring for my girlfriend and was a little scared buying online but the ring is awesome and it has a paper with it that shows you all of the details of the ring like its color, clarity and all of that. If you are getting engaged, don’t go to Shane Co or any of those places bc you will spend so much more than you need to for the same ring.

  4. Jessica P.

    I recently got The Diamond Destination 3 carat oval cut engagement ring, and I’m super happy with it! The ring is so pretty and has a classic look that I love. It’s obvious that the ring is made really well, with lots of attention to detail. It sparkles like crazy and feels really fancy on my finger. The best part is that my fiancé saved a ton of money compared to other local stores. We could get a bigger and more beautiful diamond without spending too much. I’m so excited to show off this amazing ring to everyone!

  5. Ryan M.

    I proposed to my girlfriend with this 2 ct oval engagement ring…and she was blown away! The diamond is way bigger than I could’ve afforded through another store and it’s really nice looking. I love that it included the appraisal paper and a report from the IGI proving that it’s a real diamond with all of it’s qualities. She is really proud to wear it and appreciates that I saved so much money but still got her a huge ring! I’ve recommended this website to so many of my buddies now too. Thanks!

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