Moonlit Harmony Pearl Bracelet

This necklace captures the serene grace of the stars and the moon with lustrous pearls strung in harmonious succession, each reflecting the light in a soft, natural glow.

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In stock

When curating this beautiful line of high quality pieces, I was drawn to the perfect harmony that is found in nature.  There is such a careful combination of power, grace and beauty on this earth that translates so wonderfully to the gemstones and precious metals you will enjoy in this line.  I hope that when you wear these pieces, you’ll experience that same graceful balance of power and beauty.  I encourage you to explore these timeless selections and draw upon your very own Signatures.


Item Description


  • Cultivated Pearls: Each pearl is carefully selected for its radiant sheen and beauty, celebrating the ocean’s calm and composed spirit.
  • Artisanal Clasp: The clasp, shaped like a leaf and cast in precious gold, fastens with both security and beauty, a symbol of nature’s intricate artistry.
  • Elegantly Strung: The pearls are strung on a unique thread known for its strength and finesse, ensuring that the necklace remains a part of your legacy.  

Why You Should Buy:

The combination of pearls and gold signifies purity and prosperity, making it an ideal gift for momentous occasions.  With its understated beauty, this bracelet is a versatile addition to both day and evening ensembles.

Item Details:

Jewelry Type: Bracelet
Material: Yellow Gold, 14k
Weight: 0.32 GM
Length: 7.5″
Clasp: Pearl Clasp
Finish: Polished
Item No: 224

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