Ocean’s Heart Diamond Necklace

Enhance your wardrobe with the Ocean’s Heart Diamond Necklace, featuring a deep blue sapphire that echoes the vastness of the sea, encircled by a luminous ring of diamonds in a shining silver setting. This piece is a testament to timeless elegance, capturing the majestic beauty of the ocean’s endless horizons.

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In stock

When curating this beautiful line of high quality pieces, I was drawn to the perfect harmony that is found in nature.  There is such a careful combination of power, grace and beauty on this earth that translates so wonderfully to the gemstones and precious metals you will enjoy in this line.  I hope that when you wear these pieces, you’ll experience that same graceful balance of power and beauty.  I encourage you to explore these timeless selections and draw upon your very own Signatures.


Item Description


  • Lustrous Blue Sapphire and Diamond Gemstones: A centerpiece that conjures images of serene blue waters.
  • Diamond Halo: Each diamond is a spark of light, amplifying the allure of the blue sapphire.
  • Silver Craftsmanship: The sturdy yet elegant silver setting complements the jewels perfectly.

Why You Should Buy:

This pendant isn’t just jewelry; it’s a piece of the sky and sea, fashioned into an accessory that speaks of timeless elegance.

Item Details:

Jewelry Type: Necklace
Stones: Diamond (.02ct), Sapphire
Material: Sterling Silver, 925
Chain Length: 18″
Weight: 1.70 GM
Finish: Polished
Item No: 219

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